Zero Clearance Fireplace Ideas

Awesome Zero Clearance Fireplace

Do you consider installing zero clearance fireplace in your house? Zero clearance fireplaces are a built-in type and come in many varieties. Designed for installation in new buildings or when renovating your home, fireplaces with zero prefabricated heating appliances that can be securely placed near combustible materials, such as a plaster wall, wood or panels. Installing a zero clearance chimney means that you will not need a buffer zone between it and the wall, and you can install this type of chimney in tight spaces.

Zero clearance fireplace space come in a variety of designs, sizes and styles and can burn wood, gas and pellets, but one of their main features is the fact that they never get hot enough outside to burn the surrounding materials. A chimney insert can be installed inside an existing masonry or metal. It usually comes with insulated glass doors that are designed to increase heat efficiency and radiate heat to the room. There are more fuel options and they have a thermostatic insert and a remote control to regulate the fire.

Chimneys with zero clearance are prefabricated and designed for safe installation near combustible materials such as wood, drywall or panels. The fuel options for zero clearance fireplace space are wood, pellets or gas and can also be found electrical. You can choose between models with remote control operation or thermostat control. Each of these types of chimney requires different ventilation options.

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